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Silhouette is a Web framework application based on standard Java Web technologies.

Services and architecture features:

  • MVC component architecture, provided through JSF.
  • User and authentication handling, provided by JSF and Silhouette-specific code.
  • Data access services (data access object DAO design pattern) providing a database-neutral persistent-data interface layer, implemented using Hibernate. Databases supported by Hibernate include
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    • PostgreSQL
    • DB2
    • Sybase.
  • No SQL necessary (unless you want to) by using Hibernate XDoclet annotation-based POJO (Plain Old Java Object) markup for persistence.
  • HttpUnit integration tests implemented.
  • Graphing services, for producing charts such as line and pie charts. The graphing services are implemented using JFreeChart, and Cewolf as the JSP/Servlet interface layer.
  • Integrated page-level help built in.
  • Strings are externalized in resource files, making internationalization trivial.
  • Extensive use of CSS stylesheets, to simplify look and feel customization.
  • Menus which highlight when the corresponding page is viewed.
  • Generic log file viewer.
  • Generic database create/update/delete functionality by just pointing a JDBC connection string at an existing database.
  • Integrated Ant-based build system.
  • Integrated Javadoc and tag library documentation generation.
  • Clean, modern, simple, scalable Java and JSP code!